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The basics of Linux network configuration are helpful when troubleshooting the problems with internal and external connectivity. It involves basic knowledge like the interface name, the current IP. Reset configuration to defaults resets the system to default settings. Open TrueNAS CLI Shell starts a shell for running TrueNAS commands. Type exit to leave the shell. Open Linux Shell starts a shell for running. Oct 30, 2020 · The thing is, TrueNAS modifies some of the original FreeBSD operating system (much like how xcp-ng modifies things from CentOS). So standard packages that expect to find details where FreeBSD usually puts them, might not find them the same way if. FreeNAS is now TrueNAS CORE. Download TrueNAS CORE at This tutorial will show you how to set up SMB (Samba) or CIFS shares on your NAS, for Windows systems (also available for macOS).
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